Tips for Chemistry Exam

Tips about How You Should Prepare Yourself for Your Chemistry Exam

Chemistry is a challenging subject for most of the students. But scoring well in chemistry exam needs a lot of preparation. You have to read all of the chemistry chapters thoroughly. Once if you can understand what are the basics of chemistry, then you will forget your fear about chemistry. Most of the students try to cram the chapters rather than understanding them. It is the reason of poor performance in this subject. So try to understand the chemistry definition instead of cramming them. Now let’s see some tips that can help you to score well in the chemistry exam.

Make a Chart of Important Formulas

If you can memorize the chemistry formulas, then you can easily solve the numerical problems. So, make a chart of important formulas and rigorously practice he numerical problems. Revise the theory part of basic chemistry topics. Give extra attention to the chapters like chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, etc.

Organic chemistry is a scoring part. For scoring well in the organic part, you have to read the basic chemistry lessons like boiling and melting points, basic characters, named reaction and isometric compounds.   

Solve the Sample Papers

For getting the best result, solve the sample papers daily. It will help you to get a clear idea about the question pattern along with the time management. Don’t look at the score, but take it as a process of learning. If you feel that you can’t do it by own, then go to your class teachers for the basic chemistry help.

Go Through the Instruction

Read the question instructions very sincerely. See that whether you have negative marks for the wrong answers or not. Sometimes there is an option to choose your questions. As you have to give the answer to the six questions out of ten questions. If you don’t notice this instruction, then you will answer all of those questions and your valuable time will waste.

Take Decision About How to Manage Time

Obviously, in the exam hall, you will be under slight tension. So, take a few minutes and get relaxed. Look at your question paper and read the instructions properly. Now your job is to decide which questions you have to do first and how much time you will give to it. After completing these questions now solve the other questions within the rest of the time.   

Be Stress-Free On the Exam Day

All of your preparation will go in vain if you are getting tensed on your exam day. So you need to be stress-free on the exam day. Take a sound sleep before the exam day. Go to the exam early so that you don’t have to face any complication on the exam day. In a cool mind, you can give your answers within a short time. So be confident in yourself and score good marks in the chemistry exam.


Written by Dr MS Khan

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