how to get good marks in biology

Importance of Studying Biology Methodically To Get Good Marks in Exams:


Biology is a subject that requires good practical knowledge and a little memorizing power. For these specific reasons, students get confused about scoring good marks in it. So, if you learn it methodically and know how to get good marks in biology, it proves out to be an easy subject. So, here are few ways to score big in it.

Biology is not about learning

Sometimes, student complaints about the different topics they have to learn in it. But, it is not only about mugging up the whole thing. You need to understand the very basics of Genetics and Reproduction to make things easier. Unless the basics are clear to the subject, it seems to be a difficult subject as genetics is one of the most important topics in class 12. So, you must know how to learn biology on your own.

Importance of diagram

Diagrams play a vital role to understand the concept of it. By studying with the help of diagrams you get to know how to understand biology better. It will help you to write an answer on your own. Sketching a diagram correctly is way better than reading about that structure.

Practice previous year paper

Practicing old papers will help you to get an idea regarding the pattern of the paper. Answering old questions will help you evaluate your preparation.  If you can solve last 10 years question paper, you will get an idea about how to get full marks in class 12 exam.

Set specific time for biology

Self-preparation plays a vital role for the well being of the student. You must stick to a definite plan regarding this subject and review your preparation daily. You must save some time for completing the questions at the end of your book, as it will enhance your concept.

Learning the difficult terms

There are too many different and difficult terminologies in biology. Most of the time students make spelling mistakes in this case and easily lose marks. So it is advisable to write these terms repeatedly to get the much-needed perfection in this case.

In addition to all of the above points, you need to study with sincerity and dedication to do well in biology. It will help you to uplift your total performance.



Written by Dr MS Khan

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